Quantum Nutritional Life 

The HALO System

Transfers Quantum Nutritional Life Straight Into Your Blood

HALO is a unique energetic device that harnesses the power of light, water, and plants to provide holistic, quantum nutritional life to the body.

HALO shines the perfect frequency of ultraviolet light through vials filled with the essence of herbs, plants and amino acids, delivering these energetic properties and frequencies directly into the bloodstream.

These natural materials are made up of numerous wild-harvested resources, including exotic botanical extracts, traditional Chinese extracts and herbs, medicinal mushrooms, amino acid complexes, and other botanicals – sourced from deep in the rain forest.

When we unite the Halo’s 500 frequencies of nature’s best, with the emerging science of water, we can take life, health and peace, to where no one else can go.

Unlike traditional pharmacy treatments of nutritional and supplements, where most therapeutic benefit is expelled in the urine and little is absorbed in the cells, this is a “light hypodermic” where the light passes through selected botanicals and goes straight to the bloodstream, tissues, and cells.

HALO uses high output violet LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes, which are radiated through vials of unique, healing botanical formulas for optimum benefit, working together in a completely non-invasive therapeutic way!

HALO Double Helix Water

Structured water is the buzz of the wellness industry. Our HALO Double Helix water clusters are light years beyond other water-systems, no matter the cost.

The Double Helix has three unique characteristics (think DNA):

  • the strongest structure that exists, 

  • its folding ability, and

  • its capacity to store an incredible amount of information. 

Photons of light create living water. The photons charge the water with quantum frequencies. The emerging science of water has discovered the quantum power of water that makes all previous understanding about quantum physics, chemistry, and biology obsolete.

You use your HALO system to energize and “charge” your water before drinking it. The photons (light) pass through the vials that pick up the harmonic frequencies of the 500 botanicals. It acts as a delivery system for the botanical resonance, which is then carried to the water, restructuring the molecules into micro-clusters.

This is life at the quantum level. All you have to do is drink to your health!

HALO Structured water can be used for any consumable water use. It is your choice what type of water you use for personal consumption, as long as it is clear H2O, you will be able to structure it with the WS vial. The container you use does not have any effect on the molecular format of the micro clusters once your water is structured. Water will remain structured and alive for an indefinite amount of time.

To view a sample of the 500 botanical extracts that are used in the HALO Vial System Click The Button Below.

The HALO Device Comes In Two Versions… each with its own set of the 6 Vials…

Each of the HALO units and its botanicals contain no chemicals, preservatives or fillers toxic to your body. NO side effects. NO stomach upset. NO adverse reactions. The units are so safe you can even use them on your children or grandchildren. Just follow the guidance in the HALO Owner’s Manual.

HALO is made from medical grade equipment intended to last for life. The vials are designed to last for 100 years and do not need to be refilled or replaced.

Shipping and Handling Information

Shipping costs for the units are included in the sales price.

P. S. These units are made to last and give you a lifetime of worry-free use. They are designed and built to military specifications and manufactured by highly skilled technicians using the world’s most advanced and durable light output sources, optics, relays, switches, electronics, circuitry, light housing units and glass botanical viral systems available.

P.S.S. For international orders, only the ONE Payment option (cash) is available.



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