The History of the Quantum Technology

Mike Flynt is the founder and President/CEO of Frequency Flow, LLC and My Cell Armor. Mike’s history in athletics has been a launching pad for him throughout his career. Graduating from Permian High School in Odessa, Texas in 1966, Mike was an all-district defensive back on the first state championship football team for the Odessa Permian Panthers, starting the winning tradition that inspired the book and subsequent movie, Friday Night Lights.

Mike received a degree in Physical Education and business from Sul Ross State University. He did his post graduate studies in physiology of exercise at the University of Nebraska. He went on to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Nebraska, the University of Oregon and Texas A&M University. Mike is a Certified Master of Fitness Sciences through the International Sports Sciences Association and is one of the original five founding members of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, which now has over 50,000 members worldwide.

At age 59, Mike received national attention throughout the 2007 football season. Mike was unable to play his senior year of college football in 1971 due to a fight he was in that prematurely ended his collegiate career. Due to a divisional change by his alma mater, Mike’s eligibility was confirmed by the NCAA and he was able to make the Sul Ross State University football team, as a linebacker, and become the oldest college linebacker in NCAA history, completing his senior year of college football.

Mike is a published author of two books, The Senior and The Powerbased Life, and is a sought-after public speaker at corporations, schools and churches. In 2008, while under management with Lebron James, Mike was introduced to a gentleman who launched him into the world of Quantum Physics and the possibilities offered through the development and control of frequencies. This adventure sent Mike on a 10-year quest to expose the harmful effects of EMFs and WiFi frequencies on the body and, at the same time, harness frequencies that would stabilize the body’s cells regardless of the presence of EMFs and WiFi.

Mike has surrounded himself with quality people, starting with Eileen his wife/life partner of almost 47 years, Dr. Bill Greenman, Dr. Alex Loyd and numerous others who have all made significant contributions to the ongoing work and success of what is now known as Quantum3 Technology.

Mike’s passion and that of everyone on Quantum-Difference Team is helping people live their lives free of the negative effects of our technology world.

Mike’s degree is physical fitness and his post graduat studies are in physiology of excercise. as a strength and excercise physiology expert for most of his life, he knows the body inside and out, he knows how you are supposed to function.

The body is desgined to be strong and stable. When it is working at peak-performance it can process water, oxygen, blood, energy, adn all other lefe-sustaining nutrients that every cell in your body must have to function and not just correctly, but optimally.

All living organisms are equipped with intra-cellular healing properties. These intra-cellular healers are amazingly efficient/proficient as long as they stay healthy. However their own health can be lost when the cells they inhabit close and remain closed. Sickness and diseases are the inevitable result.

You have over 70 billion cells that mak up your entire body with unimaginable numbers of photons forming reactions at the speed of light and cause a cascade of lonf-term effect.

Man-made pollution is impacting our cellular functioning, and that includes children and even your pets.